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With the onset of the global renewable energy drive and the biofuels revolution, there has been a sharp rise in production of maize and other crops for use in Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants throughout the country. These biogas plants utilise food and farm waste in order to produce energy for the grid, and gas for domestic and commercial use.


The rising number of AD plants nationwide has increased the demand for crops such as Maize, this has led to longer harvest periods, and tougher field conditions due to the autumnal weather. Managing the harvest whilst juggling the farm, the anaerobic digester, and ensuring that your agricultural vehicles are compliant with VOSA, (the regulatory authority in charge of vehicle standards) makes for a busy October for most farmers in the industry. This is where Griffith Elder steps in to relieve the stress of monitoring crop quality and yield, Griffith Elder’s weighbridges and Ton-Tel Farm to Fuel Software range weigh, assess and then adjust crop weights due to target and measured moisture levels allowing you to keep a record of exact field yields. The software also allows you to store data such as source of product and destination of product, allowing you to know exactly what quantities of product you have and where it has been stored or transported. This makes assessing stock levels easier in order to feed the correct quantities of product into the AD plant.


The software also has the ability to output the total product received from or sold to each customer, the farm, field, variety and crop are also recorded by the software. This allows you to create stock reports and have them emailed, backed up and saved on demand or at scheduled intervals. The system does this all automatically by linking the data to the vehicle being weighed, no operator is required and the driver simply presses a key fob from the tractor cab this automatically loads the vehicle details onto ticket. Once the day is over you will have easy to read reports of what crop is stored, where it is stored, where it was harvested from, and how much came from each location. The data can then be used for yield mapping individual fields; the software also provides a breakdown of data that allows you to provide weights for invoicing purposes.


Our recommended product is a 3.5m wide surface mounted Full-Size weighbridge with fob system and a software option from our Farm-to-Fuel Software Range (including BioGas, BioMass and Farm Storage). The 3.5m width weighbridge is suitable for the wide floatation tyres often used during Maize and silage season. Our portable weigh-beams are the perfect solution for contract farming or for farmers who are on the move and need to weigh at multiple or satellite sites that aren’t near the digester or clamp. Griffith Elder can provide an easy to use plug-and-weigh solution that can be transported by telehandler and is made of solid rugged steel so that it has a long life span and is durable for farm use. The system doesn’t require an operator and weights can be recorded on either a USB stick or printed onto a ticket. The system is powered by 12V with an inbuilt battery and waterproof housing, it also has a two year warranty. Whilst you power the world and focus on farming, we can make sure you are equipped with the tools you need to maintain efficiency and profitability.