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Grain Storage

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The Grain Storage sector requires rigorous record keeping and tracking of grain stocks and movements across the country, as well as the maintenance of grain quality whilst in store. Griffith Elder & Co Ltd has created three levels of agricultural storage software in order to improve efficiency and organisation throughout the levels of grain record requirements, these work in partnership with the Griffith Elder weighbridges in order to ensure accuracy with stocks moving to and from stores.


The Griffith Elder weighbridges range in both length and width and can be stamped for trade approval, they can be surface-mounted, pit-mounted or can be a fully portable solution. The weighbridge allows for grain weights to be recorded when hauliers enter and exit the site, this helps to monitor the amount of grain on site.


Griffith Elders' Ton-Tel Farm Software Range provides customisable tickets, reporting functions as well as the ability to calculate the loss in weight of the crop due to the drying process in store. The Ton-Tel Farm and Industry Software shows the movement of the crops in and out of stores, Ton-Tel Advanced Software also provides admixture tables and sample bag labels, reports can also be produced. The Ton-Tel Ultimate Software can provide an analysis of laboratory results onto the weighbridge ticket, costings for the grain storage, cleaning and handling process can also be added as well as grain passports. The software meets the requirements of crop assurance schemes; it also eliminates input errors and allows for the automatic recording of vital data such as grain haulage association numbers. The software aids grain storage management and helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency with which records are kept.

The use of a weighbridge with storage software is a must in order to effectively and efficiently collect data. ANPR and tag systems may also be used in conjunction with the software for automatic data capture.

Site traffic management

Optional traffic lights and barriers can be operated via the Griffith Elder software, this allows for traffic flow management and gives the operator full control of the vehicles entering and exiting the site.


Reports can be created and scheduled with the use of software ensuring that reports are automatically emailed to selected email accounts. Data can be filtered so that only relevant information is generated in the report. This invaluable management tool improves communication between haulier, customer and grain merchant.

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