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The TonTel Weighbridge has been the weighbridge of choice for Road Authorities around the world. Our single axle weighbridges have been in use over 30 years and provide an accurate weighing solution to the problems faced with roads having vehicle overloading.

It combines a simple to use basic interface for operator staff whilst being rich in functionality and setup for managers and administrators. Our ticket wizard allows easy data entry for any number of customisable fields suited your country and application. The operator inputs the required details whilst data capture systems such as image cameras, ANPR cameras, motion sensors, axle timings and more minimise data entry, which simultaneously reduces human error.


Barriers, Traffic Lights and Large Display communicate clearly to drivers where to go and the weights captured. When integrated to multi-lane overload detection facilities, vehicles may be re-routed to holding areas.

Axle, Axle-Group and Gross weight fines can be issued via the software and customised for the fine system of the country. Each vehicle can be classified by number of axles and axle grouping.

Our technology automatically predicts the vehicle classification based on the timings between axles, making it a favourite for high throughput such as overload weighbridge stations.


We supply Axle Weighers, Multi-Axle, Multi-Deck, Full-Size and High Speed weighbridges to suit your needs. With decades of experience we are a great choice. Our electronics are sturdy and reliable making them suitable for upgrading old weighbridges.

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