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Weigh Beams lead the way

Griffith Elder introduce new Portable Weigh Beams

5.8m Weigh Beams

20th March 2009

In 2009 Griffith Elder have introduced Portable Weigh Beams into their product list. This new product is a development in portable weighbridges, enabling industrial vehicles to monitor their load quickly and accurately at any given location.

The previous portable weighbridge model, the TonTel™ Full Size Portable Weighbridge, has proved very popular over a wide range of industries, from agriculture to recycling, where portability is of prime importance. The new Portable Weigh Beams are a step up from this earlier model, being lighter and easier to install.

The Portable Weigh Beams use Griffith Elder’s own Split-Weigh digital system ensuring that maximum accuracy is guaranteed at all times. Extensive tests were done at a road stone quarry in Australia on truck and dog vehicles with the Multi Axle Weighbridge. The difference in accuracy between the Split-Weigh system and using a Full Size Weighbridge was found negligible. The Weigh Beams deploy the same Split-Weigh mechanism in a portable weighbridge, providing an easy-to-use option for accurate weighing to suit all types of vehicle.