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Griffith Elder introduce new Bin Lift Weighing System

New weighing system allows waste to be weighed quickly and easily

Bin Lift Weigher

23rd July 2010

New for 2010, Griffith Elder has introduced the “Bin Lift Weighing System” designed for weighing the waste in wheelie bins. This new design uses the bin lift system, to quickly and easily weigh the waste from the bin as it is tipped into the skip or compactor.

The weighing mechanism is built into the arms of the bin lifter. It first takes the gross weight of the wheelie bin on the way up, and, after tipping, takes the tare weight of the bin on the way down. It then calculates the net weight of waste in the bin. As each bin is tipped, the weights are added together to give the total weight of waste.

The Bin-Lift Weigher is primarily targeted for filling compactors, where it is important to put the correct waste into the correct compactor. With this new weighing system, bins can be electronically tagged, storing data on the type of waste and any other relevant information. This gives managers easy access to important information on the amounts of each product collected.

Furthermore, Griffith Elder recognise that “pay-by-weight” is fast becoming important in the recycling business. Therefore this new Bin-Lift Weigher is particularly useful for filling both skips and compactors, but also for filling mobile compactors such as refuse collection vehicles, where again pay-by-weight is being increasingly used.