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New Ton-Tel™ Software for Waste and Recycling Industries

25th August 2010

Suffolk based company Griffith Elder, specialists in robust and highly accurate steel weighbridge manufacturing, have been listening to their customers. By popular demand from companies within the recycling and waste sectors, Griffith Elder have released a new version of their tried and tested Ton-Tel weighbridge software, which can now record all the data specifically required by these customers.

Ton-Tel software When a load is weighed, the weight is displayed on a weighbridge ticket. Therefore, the weighbridge ticket is the easiest place to store additional information about loads coming and going from site. New tickets can be customised from within the software program, which allows each business to decide which information to display. This may include information about contracts, type of materials carried, vehicle information, customers and suppliers, where the load is coming from and going to, as well as any other particular information required by the individual business.

When a vehicle arrives to be weighed, a new ticket is created by an easy step-through series of windows. This ensures the operator fills in the data at the actual time the vehicle is being weighed. When new data is entered it is then recorded in dropdown menus allowing the operator to choose the information from a list, thereby minimising repetitive data entry tasks.

When the vehicle is weighed, the weights are recorded on the computer screen and the net weight of the load is automatically calculated. If required, extra information such as moisture content in the load, percentage of debris, or other required information can be recorded at the same time. By popular request, the software can also calculate costs and charges for financial information to be shown in the reports. This therefore creates a full picture of all loads going in and out of the site.

By tailoring the ticket to give particular information for each business, the advantage is that reports display the exact information required. For example, they can be targeted to a specific item of waste, such as how much waste paper came in during last month. Alternatively, the report can show what the company is owed for distributing their compost materials. Specific parameters can be specified for each report template. Templates are used for reports, so that the same format of report can be used for different periods, specific to the customer’s needs. Managers often need specific information according to their own department, so they can make templates to suit exactly what they want to get out of the database.

The new Ton-Tel software has been designed so that the data can be seen across a network. If required, several weighbridges can use the same database so that all data is collated over the whole business. It is even possible to bring together weighbridge tickets from separate sites into one central database for deeper analysis. All reports can be viewed in a spreadsheet, allowing the data to be used directly for invoicing.