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Iowa company trial new manure spreader

20th July 2013

In July 2013, David Elder, Managing Director of Griffith Elder, visited Greenfield Spreading in the USA. Greenfield Spreading are importers of Tebbe manure spreaders from Germany into the USA.

For the last four years, Greenfield has been fitting Griffith Elder Spreader Monitor model WS2 to the spreaders, and has found them accurate and efficient in telling the operators how many pounds per acre they are spreading on the land.

New spreader monitor This year Greenfield have been trialling a new system that incorporates both the monitoring system and a new control system that allows the driver to set a rate, knowing that the spreader will adjust the flow of material according to speed and density to keep the rate of flow even across the field.

This has proved hugely successful and is now the preferred system being bought by Greenfield for fitting to new spreaders.

David Elder’s visit was to check the accuracy of the system and to see firsthand how it is used in circumstances that are very different to the UK. First impressions have been favourable and it is envisaged that future weighing systems will incorporate the new control system.

Greenfield Spreading has the sole agency for Tebbe trailed spreaders in the USA and have been very successful in marketing them to contractors and large farmers. Their advantage over locally-produced machines is that the spreaders actually meter out the manure so that it can be used as fertiliser. This is a preferable substitute to the granular inorganic fertilisers which are now becoming very expensive.

Greenfield is also a manure spreading contractor in their own right and therefore understands the need for accuracy and the rugged design of the machines they sell. The Griffith Elder system weighs on the move, so gives correct information at all times, independent of the variations in the density of the manure.