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Lamma 2014 showcase

23rd January 2014

Lamma 2014 stand

People from all over the country turned out for the two day event, which showcased the latest developments in farming machinery, equipment and services. The weather wasn't great, and the mud was treacherous, but it was of little deterrent. One of our engineers even needed a toe, to get a quite capable 4x4 out of some difficulty.

Our stand showcased our fob activated system for use with weighbridges, which allows for the quick recording of weights, without the need for the driver of the vehicle to get out of the cab. Along side which, our range of software systems was on show. Advanced management systems, designed for ease of use and versatile functionality, allowing for the control and management of complex or large operations. Within our range is software tailored for the needs of agriculture, including; grain handling, and bio-gas. We had on offer a range of weighbridges, from entry level to merchant level. A selection of indicator heads on show, including:

Cardinal 225: For trade approved weighbridges.
HW1: For hopper, batch weighing. Allowing for a single ingredient to be set so there is no need to start from zero.
WB3: For single axle weighbridges, takes axle weights and gives total.
WB6: For weighbridges, with tares held in memory. Prints tare, gross and nett. Memory for accumulated net weights, and can be automated using fobs.
WT3: Shows individual load cell weights and total weight combined. Allows saving records, download to PC, and also operation of scroll from PC. Ideal for custom weighing solutions.

Together with the indicators were a selection of printer options, and samples of our armoured IP68 rated cabling used with our products.