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Cow Feeding System

The Griffith Elder MealMaster™ Multi-Feeder System is an integrated system for precise control and monitoring of the complete diet intake of cattle.

Cattle Feeding - Features

  • Precise recording of forage intake

  • Dispense concentrates on the same feed fence

  • Up to 4 cows per bin

  • Once daily re-filling of bins

  • High sides and a nose bar stop spillage

  • Tip over bin for easy cleaning

Central Computer Control - Specialist Software

The system is controlled from a central computer. Equipped with the MealMaster™ software designed by Griffith Elder’s in-house software development team, a full data and reporting system allows the user access to all information collected. This includes the quantity and duration of all meals for every animal.

Maximum Flexibility - Cow Specific Data

Each feeding bin can contain a different feed, giving maximum flexibility in management of the feeding regime. Constraints can be put on individual animals from the computer, such as type of feed allowed, quantity, and times of feeding. Concentrates dispensers can be mounted between feed bins, which can be dispensed at set amounts and times depending on the need of the individual animal.

Each cow is equipped with either an ear or neck transponder which communicates with the computer to check any constraints put on the cow. Automatic doors open at the beginning of the meal depending on whether the cow is allowed to feed at that station.

Accurate Measurements - Weightel Load Cells

The feed bins are mounted on precision weight sensors which detect every movement of the bin. These weight sensors are calibrated to weigh within 0.1 kg, meaning every mouthful taken is accurately recorded. The start and end weights of the meal are recorded to show the exact intake of the cow, as well as the start and finish times of each meal.

The animal ID and status of the station is displayed on an indicator on the feed fence. It also shows the feed weight in the bin, and a light indicates if the doors are open. This allows the operator to monitor that each station is working correctly.

Roughage Feed Bins - Durable Design

The Griffith Elder roughage feed bins are made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP). High sides and a rounded bottom ensure that spillage is kept to a minimum and food is easily accessible to the animals. A nose bar is fitted inside the bin to prevent the cows from throwing the food out by excessive movement.

The bins are easily filled from a diet mixer wagon and have a sloping back for the purpose. The bins tip over for easy cleaning and sweeping out, or can be lifted from their mounts and removed for pressure washing.

Other Options - Cattle

Walk-n-Weigh™, the walk through cow weigher, platform scales and computer programs to bring in data from milking parlour software are available to increase the versatility of the MealMaster™ system.

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