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Custom designed scales

Griffith Elder is able to design custom-made weighing scales fit for any purpose. Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements. Some examples of our previous weighing systems are below.

Bin Weigher - Waste Monitoring

The Griffith Elder Bin weigher is a perfect fit for any waste company. Offering accurate weighing for the contents of bins & skips. Weights are transmitted via 3G to a secure server to allow remote data access at any time. This means you know when & where to collect your bins from, keeping costs down & business efficient.

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Lysimeter - Scientific Accuracy

The Griffith Elder Lysimeter is a fully automatic weighing system designed for monitoring weight changes in plant growth systems. This is especially used to allow researchers to assess vital information for the health of their plants, such as evapotranspiration and soil nutrient uptakes.


Container Tilter - Bespoke Applications

The Container Tilter uses an innovative kit of weighing electronics, particularly suitable for the recycling business.


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