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The Griffith Elder Lysimeter is a fully automatic weighing system designed for monitoring weight changes in plant growth systems. This is especially used to allow researchers to assess vital information for the health of their plants, such as evapotranspiration and soil nutrient uptakes.

Lysimeter Plant Weighing - Features

  • Simple to use

  • Up to 32 load cells can be connected together

  • Readings automatically taken at user-defined intervals

  • No need for operator to be present for each recording

  • Recording made easy with purpose designed Data-Maid™ software

How it works - Digital Load Cells - Precise

At the heart of the Lysimeter is a series of digital load cell sensors. Any number of load cells can be used up to a maximum of 32, which can be connected together to take a continuous series of measurements over any given time period chosen by the researcher.

Readings can be taken in time intervals from 1 second to a number of days. The effects of changing influences such as temperature or humidity can be monitored using Griffith Elder’s customized Data-Maid™ software.

Easy to use - Data-Maid™ Software

Operator input is minimal. The researcher chooses the number of load cells, the length of time to monitor weight changes, and the time interval between readings. Our Weightel™ digital load cell technology enables the Lysimeter to collect the desired data without an operator present. Together with our Data-Maid™ software, the Griffith Elder Lysimeter provides an accurate, invaluable tool for educational and research facilities.

History - Academic Research

The first Griffith Elder Lysimeters were developed in 2003 to aid an experiment at Cranfield University, UK that studied the physiology of five willow coppice hybrids relating to their water use. The 400kg Lysimeters continuously measured the plants’ weight changes, logging the information every 20 minutes ready for report with the Data-Maid™ software program.

Success - Analysis of Data

"The Data-Maid™ software was very handy to program the logging intervals of the load cells and to store a large amount of data. The data was logged as mass in kg with a precision of 0.02kg. The information collected allowed us to quantify precisely the water consumed by the plants and to visualise the evolution of water consumption rate as water stress evolves."

"Finally new fields of study are open as a new generation of weighing lysimeter emerged through the development of efficient and reliable load cells and software by Griffith Elder."

Data-Maid™ software - Recording Environmental Conditions

The Griffith Elder Data-Maid™ software is a simple program for recording data collected from the load cells. It records the changes in weights of the plant systems over a period of time according to the setup chosen by the operator.

The operator selects the parameters for the report and the information to be shown. Records can be taken of changes in weight distribution over a number of load cells, or of weight changes from individual load cells. Environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity can also be recorded simultaneously, making analysis of weight changes under these conditions easy to monitor and display.

Data-Maid™ is compatible with all spreadsheets. Information can easily be exported to other programs for further data analysis.

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