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Weigh Bars

The Griffith Elder Flexi-Beams™ provide a rugged, portable, weighing system which can be used in many applications around the farm and factory.

Easy to use - Plug-and-Weigh™

Operating the Flexi-Beams™ couldn't be simpler. They are factory calibrated for maximum accuracy, so no special setting up is needed. All you have to do is drop them on the floor and plug them in and they are ready to use.

Flexible - Position anywhere - Versatile Functionality

  • The beams are designed to maintain high level of accuracy on both even and uneven ground

  • Each beam is 1.25 metres long and weighs just 20kg

  • The beams may be set any distance apart for weighing a wide range of commodities such as pallets and boxes of produce

  • When under a cattle crush or simple platform the Flexi-Beams™ are suitable for weighing all types of livestock including cattle, deer, horses, pigs and sheep

  • The built-in weight sensors are waterproof and robust

  • Each Flexi-Beam™ can take a weight of up to 2000 kg, or 4000 kg on a pair

  • Up to four beams can be used together

  • If a platform is fitted to the beams, this can be zeroed out so the indicator only shows the load weight

  • Damping can be put into the sensors so that the beams can be put under a cage to weigh animals

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