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Tontel™ Transport Management Software

The Griffith Elder Ton-Tel™ Transport Management Software is designed to maximise ease of use with versatile functionality. No matter what commodities you trade in.

Expert Transport Management - Features

  • Automatic recalculation of stock levels in each store

  • Known trucks can have tare weights input automatically

  • Easy to read customisable ticket

  • Automatic calculation of nett weight

  • Versatile reporting function

Simple to operate

Tontel™ Transport Management Software is very easy to use. The truck is weighed as it enters the site, the operator inputs the truck data step-by-step and the truck continues to collect or drop off its load. When the truck returns it is weighed again on the same ticket and the nett weight is calculated automatically. Known values are automatically filled on the ticket to minimise errors.

Stock Levels and Control

Our Software has been designed to keep track of the amount of product that is in each store. On each weighing stocks in each store are recalculated. It allows easy audit against theft and used for accounting purposes. Each time a store is selected in the source and destination of the goods the levels are recalculated. Waste and spoil can be added in to ensure that levels are accurate. All this can be printed in a storage report.

Password Protection

Tontel™ uses a three tier password protection scheme allowing Operators to create tickets, Managers to create reports and limited access to settings whilst Administrators have full privileges to the settings and functions.

Multiple Language Options

Tontel™ is in use worldwide across 6 continents and as such the software is available in a wide range of languages. We will endeavour to accommodate your language on request.

Customisable Ticket

Ton-Tel™ Transport Management Software has a customisable ticket to allow managers to select what information is needed on the ticket with customisable note headers. The advanced features can be hidden when not required.

Powerful Reporting Function

The reporting function allows all or some tickets to be selected based on criteria such as date, truck, weight and any item found on the ticket.

Additional options

The software can be linked to traffic lights and road barriers which are fully automated to change when the operator finishes the ticket. If overloaded the truck is directed into the police compound or back to the road if within allowable limits. Licence plate recognition cameras can be used in conjunction with the software. Important time savings can be made in high traffic flow situations.

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