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Multi Axle Weighbridges

The Griffith Elder Multi Axle Weighbridge is a cost and space efficient alternative to using a Full Size Weighbridge. Any vehicle may be weighed regardless of its length or number or axles. The TonTel™ Split-Weigh system ensures that maximum accuracy is guaranteed at all times.

Split Weigh Truck Scale - Features

  • Typical platform sizes from 3.6 metres to 8 metres long

  • Maximum weight on platform up to 100 tonnes

  • Split-weighing for maximum accuracy

  • Axle-group load control

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Load cells chosen to match capacity of weighbridge

  • 2 year warranty on electronics

Simple to operate - Plug-and-Weigh™

Operating a Multi Axle Weighbridge is very simple. The weighbridge is factory calibrated for maximum accuracy, so no on-site setting up or special tools are needed. Once it is plugged in, simply drive the vehicle onto the platform and weigh each group of axles without getting out of the cab.

Heavy duty - Long Life in Tropical, Artic or Desert Environments

All electronic circuits are firmly sealed to guard against all weather conditions, ensuring a long and trouble-free life under all weather conditions. The platform is made from a welded steel superstructure with a durbar surface plate for maximum strength.

Automatic weighing

Weighing a vehicle is a quick, driver-only operation. Each set of axles is weighed separately, and the weight of each set of axles is automatically stored in the indicator or computer. When all the axles have been weighed the weights are automatically added together to give the total weight of the vehicle – without the driver doing anything.

Easy to install - S Type Load Cells

The Multi Axle Weighbridge is factory calibrated, so on-site installation is very easy. The weighbridge comes ready to install into a pre-prepared pit. A Griffith Elder pit frame can be used to simplify construction and ensure that the weighbridge is located correctly.

Recording options - Indicator - Large Display - PC

A large external LED display is available for quick and easy viewing of the weights. A traffic light can be used with the large display to tell the driver when to move on and off the weighbridge. The weighbridge can be used with a Griffith Elder indicator or direct to a PC. Full range of Ton-Tel™ software is available.

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