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Tandem Axle Portable Weighbridges

The Griffith Elder Tandem Axle Portable Weighbridge is made to be placed onto a hard surface for weighing vehicles where a fixed installation would not be convenient. The weighbridge uses Griffith Elder’s Plug-and-Weigh™ technology for a fast simple connection and ease of moving from one place to another.

Dual Axle Portable Weighbridge - Features

  • 2.7 metres wide

  • 30 tonnes capacity per axle

  • Less than 700kg - easily lifted with a forklift

  • Ideal choice for law enforcement

  • Quick and easy to use - no prepared site necessary

  • 2 year warranty on electronics

Simple to Operate - Easy to Use

To operate a Tandem Axle Portable Weighbridge couldn’t be simpler. Just plug the platform into the indicator and switch the weigher on. The weighbridge has been factory calibrated for maximum accuracy, so no special setting up is needed. A cable from the terminal is plugged into the platform and connected to a 12 volt power source and the weigher is ready for use.

Robust, Heavy Duty Platform - Any Environment

The weight sensors are designed to be robust and durable, particularly when being constantly moved. They use the latest WeighTel™ digital technology and are factory calibrated for maximum accuracy. The Tandem Axle Portable Weighbridge can take a vehicle of up to 100 tonnes gross weight as long as any one set of axles is less than the maximum capacity of the platform of 30 tonnes.

Automatic Weighing - Traffic Lights

Weighing a vehicle is a very fast operation. The detected weight on the platform is automatically caught into memory, and a traffic light tells the driver when to move to the next set of axles. All the weights are automatically added together and a ticket prints out showing ticket number, date, time, weight of each part and total weight of the vehicle.

Portable - Place Anywhere - Plug-and-Weigh™

The platform can be lifted with a forklift or from a small crane from the lifting eyes built into the side rails. The Tandem Axle Portable Weighbridge is so portable that it does not need a prepared site; simply place on a hard level roadway and it is ready to use. Ramps are built into the platform so nothing needs to be put together before use. A normal car or lorry battery will run the weighbridge for many hours, or if mains electricity is available a mains adaptor can be used.

Recording Options - Large Display - Indicator - PC

A large external LED display is available for quick and easy viewing of the weights. A traffic light can be used with the large display to tell the driver when to move on and off the weighbridge. The weighbridge can be used with a Griffith Elder indicator or direct to a PC. Full range of Ton-Tel™ software is available.

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