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Wheel Weigh Pads

The Griffith Elder Wheel Weigh Pads are strong, tough, easy-to-use portable scales. Used for weighing vehicles, they can be used almost anywhere. They can be carried on the vehicle for weighing away from base, and they are the ideal choice for preventing axle overloads and maximising payloads.

Wheel Weigh Pads - Features

  • 3 models with different capacities

  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminium alloy

  • High accuracy on even and uneven ground

  • Quick and easy to use - no prepared site necessary

  • 2 year warranty on electronics

Simple to Operate - Plug-and-Weigh™

Using the Wheel Weigh Pads couldn’t be simpler. The pads have been factory calibrated for maximum accuracy, and have been designed to maintain a high level of accuracy for use on both even and uneven ground. No special setting up is needed - just drop them on the floor and plug them in.

3 models - Versatile

The HW model has high capacity at 15 tonnes per wheel (30 tonnes per axle). The MW model can take 10 tonnes per wheel (20 tonnes per axle), whilst the LW model is ultra-lightweight with a capacity of 5 tonnes per wheel (10 tonnes per axle).

Robust weight sensors - Rugged for max accuracy

The waterproof and robust weight sensors communicate with the indicator or computer using a Weightel™ (digital signal) to ensure maximum accuracy at all times. This digital system means that any pad or numbers of pads can be plugged into the indicator at the same time.

Automatic weighing - Traffic Lights

Weighing a vehicle is a quick, driver-only operation. When the first set of wheels is driven onto the pads, the detected steady weight is calculated and stored into memory. Each set of wheels is weighed in this way, and all weights are automatically put into memory – the operator does not have to do anything.

Lightweight and portable

The Wheel Weigh Pads are manufactured from a high strength, lightweight aluminium alloy. The overall weight of each pad is 41 kg for the HW model and a mere 10 kg for the LW model. The pads are easily lifted and carried by one person. The whole system operates from 12 volt dc and has its own internal battery which can be charged from a car battery. No mains power is needed which gives maximum flexibility for using the Wheel Pads in remote locations.

Recording options - large display - indicator - PC

The standard stand alone indicator has a backlit display which shows all axle weights and total vehicle weight. It has the option of plugging in a traffic light, printer and/or computer. Alternatively, the indicator and printer may be built into a tough waterproof case for ease of carrying between locations. Full software is available for use with the Wheel Weigh Pads.

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