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The Griffith Elder Ton-Tel™ Overload Protection Software is a versatile vehicle management tool designed to record vehicle axle and gross loads. It then outputs the fine amount for overloaded vehicles. The software has been designed for maximum ease.

Law Enforcement - Features

  • Step-by-step ticket input screens

  • Auto overload recognition for axles, groups of axles and gross vehicle mass

  • Instant calculation of fines using local codes

  • Easy to read customisable tickets

  • Anti-corruption protection

  • Versatile reporting function

Simple to Operate - Easy to Use

Ton-Tel™ Overload Protection Software is very easy to use. Each weighment is captured and stored automatically by the software. The operator inputs the truck data step-by-step. Axle groups, gross mass and fine amounts are calculated within the software. All ticket information is then displayed on the screen. The tickets can be printed on easy to source A5 paper.

3-Tier Anti-Corruption Password Protection

The Griffith Elder software has been designed with security in mind. New tickets are password protected which prevents unauthorised personnel from accessing the data. The password protection system has three tiers; Operators, Managers and Administrators. Operators have very limited privileges whilst Administrators have full access to all settings including fine data.

Once a ticket has been created it cannot be deleted. The time, date and operator are all permanently logged. No weighments are able to be entered manually. Ticket information cannot be edited once a weighing has taken place, all ticket information is encrypted to avoid data tampering.

Reports - Versatile Options

The software allows managers to create reports with any specified input and output conditions. For example an accounting report may only include the overloaded vehicle's license plates, date and fine amount.

Backup and Archive Function

The backup function of the software runs in the background and backs up the database at regular intervals (as specified) to any computer on the local network, this is in case of computer failure.

The archive function selects old tickets and removes them from the database. It then stores them into an archive file to minimise the size of the working database file.

Network and Central Databases

Ton-Tel™ Overload Protection has been designed in conjunction with the Ton-Tel™ Central Database so that they may link through a secure VPN in real-time to a central database. Multiple weighbridge stations can link to the central database, each will have a unique weighbridge station ID. Tickets from the multiple weighbridge stations can all be monitored from one office via the central database. The central database has the same versatile reporting function as the Ton-Tel™ Overload Protection software. It can be used to create a report based on a specific vehicle to see if it has been overloaded at multiple weighbridge sites.

Additional Options - Vehicle Control

The software can be linked to traffic lights and road barriers which are fully automated and  will function when the operator finishes the ticket. If overloaded the truck is directed into the police compound, if the vehicle is within allowable limits it is directed back to the road. License plate recognition cameras can be used in conjunction with the software.

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