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Multi-Axle Weighbridge

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The Griffith Elder Multi-Axle Weighbridge is an affordable and space efficient alternative to a Full Sized Weighbridge. Any vehicle can be weighed regardless of its length or number of axles. The Ton-Tel™ Split-Weigh system automatically captures axle weights and adds them together to ensure efficient and accurate weighings are achieved.

Multi-Axle Weighbridge - Features

  • Typical platform sizes: 6.0 metres long by 3.0 metres wide, 6.3 metres long by 3.5metres wide, 7.8 metres long by 3.0 metres wide

  • Maximum weight on platform up to 100 tonnes

  • Welded steel superstructure with a durbar surface plate for maximum strength

  • Split-weighing for maximum accuracy

  • Accuracy +/- 1%

  • Axle-group load control

  • Quick and easy installation and use

  • Load cells chosen to match capacity of weighbridge

  • Power source 110/220V ac; 50/60 hz. Can also be run from 12 volts DC or solar panel. Leisure batteries may also be added.

  • 2 year warranty

Installation-Plug and Weigh™

The Multi-Axle weighbridge is designed with Plug and Weigh™ technology and factory calibrated Weightel™ digital load cells. This means that set-up time on site is minimal, and no special tools are required to install the weighbridge system. The Multi-Axle arrives ready to be installed into a pre-prepared pit, framework is provided to ensure that the weighbridge can be pit-mounted with ease. The load cells have been sealed against the elements to IP68 to ensure a long and trouble free life. A signal cable runs from the weighbridge to the indicator and another runs from the indicator to the large display with integrated traffic light, once these cables are plugged in the system is ready to be used.

Operation-Plug and Weigh™

The Multi-Axle weighbridge is a complete kit weighbridge system, the price includes a large display integrated with traffic light and tripod or wall mount bracket. The price also includes a weatherproof peliTM case, this houses the indicator, tally-roll printer and USB port. The Multi-Axle kit is designed with rugged outdoor use in mind, and is perfect for remote sites as it can be run from 12V mains power or leisure batteries. (Desktop versions of the indicator are also available).

Vehicles are guided onto the Multi-Axle weighbridge by the traffic light, this green arrow/red cross system shows the driver when to move onto the weighbridge and when to stop to allow the weighbridge to stabilize and capture the axle weights. Once this has happened the traffic light will inform the driver to move forward so that either the next set of axles can be weighed, or the vehicle can move off the weighbridge. Small vehicles can be weighed in one part, tractors and trailers can be weighed in two parts, whilst larger vehicles such as articulated lorries are weighed in three parts. Split weighing axle-groups is a well established method of accurately weighing a vehicle, and is the basis of the Ton-Tel Split Weigh system.

As the vehicle moves over the weighbridge, the weight of each group of axles is automatically captured in just three seconds, allowing for a time efficient weighing. Once weighing is complete, the individual weights are automatically added together to give the total weight of the vehicle. This information is then automatically printed by the in-built printer in the peliTM case. For desk mounted indicators the weights will automatically be printed by the desk tally roll printer. The data is also automatically saved as a single line CSV file on the USB stick, this data can then be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet. This allows for paper and electronic copies of weight records. If only electronic copies are required, the printer can be turned off.

The Importance of Civil Works

There are two essential rules for obtaining accurate weights when split weighing a vehicle. Firstly, the weighing platform must be recessed into the ground at a prepared site. Secondly, the approach and exit to the weighing platform need to be level for approximately the length of the longest vehicle that is to be weighed. Typically the concrete approach and exit should each be 10 meters long so that vehicles can be weighed in both directions.

A pit frame is supplied to simplify construction and ensure that the weighbridge is located correctly. Griffith Elder recognise that the site of a weighbridge is of prime consideration, therefore we offer an advisory service for location. This is then backed up by easy to follow instructions and technical assistance. Our civil engineering team are able to provide a complete turn-key package if required. Griffith Elder provide support in all aspects of installation and commissioning.

Easy to Install - S Type Load Cells

The Multi-Axle Weighbridge is factory calibrated, so on-site installation is very easy. The weighbridge is ready to install into a pre-prepared pit. A Griffith Elder pit frame can be used to simplify construction and ensure that the weighbridge is located correctly.

Recording Options

A large external LED display is available for quick and easy viewing of the weights. A traffic light can be used in conjunction with the large display to inform the driver when to move on and off the weighbridge. The weighbridge can be used with software from the Ton-Tel™ Software Range.

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