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Multi-Deck Weighbridge

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The Griffith Elder Ton-Tel™ Multi-Deck Weighbridge has been designed to provide high precision weighing, as well as axle group control for law enforcement purposes.

Multi-Deck Weighbridge - Features

  • 4 platforms of varying lengths to accommodate any vehicle classification

  • Widths of 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 metres available

  • Single weighing per vehicle for rapid throughput

  • Overweight axle groups automatically detected

  • Designed with our law enforcement Ton-Tel™ Overload Protection Software

  • Twist Lock design for ease of maintenance and assembly

Simple to Operate - Plug and Weigh™ - Specialist Software

The Multi-Deck system is a group of 4 Multi Axle weighbridges. The vehicle positions its axle groups to ensure each group is on a separate platform. When the weight is steady (this typically takes 3 secs) readings from all 4 platforms are taken. The gross weight is automatically calculated and all values are sent to the Law Enforcement Software which automatically calculates overloads and fines.

Built to Last - Rugged and Durable

The weighbridge platforms are made using a heavy welded steel structure, this allows for a shallower but more durable structure which minimizes ground works. All electronics are hermetically sealed to endure all weather conditions. The robust design means that the weighbridge requires minimal maintenance, and has high reliability to give a low cost of ownership. The load cells and indicator are factory calibrated to ensure maximum accuracy.

Easy to Install - Twist Lock - S-Type Load Cells

Each section of the weighbridge is locked into position using the Griffith Elder Twist Lock system for perfect fitting and quick and easy installation. The weighbridge can either be placed in a pre-prepared pit or mounted above the ground with ramps at each end. 

Vehicle Control - Large Display - Indicator - Traffic Lights

Large external LED displays provide quick and easy viewing of the weights. Operator controlled traffic lights direct the vehicle when to stop and how to position correctly.