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An Introduction to Griffith Elder

Who We Are

We are designers and manufacturers of rugged accurate weighing systems for heavy industrial use. We are able to provide a solution which will suit many weighing requirements over a wide range of industries.

What We Do

We specialise in providing high quality equipment with a very long trouble free service life. We provide a full range of products from parts only to supplying a full turn-key solution.

Why Use Us

Our Plug-and-Weigh™ digital weighing technology means that on-site setup is minimised, making our products easy to install without specialist tools or knowledge. Operation is always simple and operator training is minimal. Our weighing systems work for years with little maintenance so no service contracts are needed. Our weighing equipment does not go out of calibration, proving our digital system highly reliable.

Worldwide Distribution

We make it easy for you and your company as we deliver to anywhere in the world!

Our Industries