Mass-Tel™ System

Griffith Elder’s Mass-Tel™ range of products is designed in-house for ease of use and versatility. The Mass-Tel™ is ISObus and J1939 compatible, making it particularly useful in the world of agricultural, automotive and off-road machinery.


Simple and logical operation, reducing operator training
Compatible with ISOBUS software
Total scale gross, tare and net weight
Digital load cells with own CAN ECU embedded inside each load cell
16 load cells of any type, mix load cell capacities or individual calibration factors
Integration with constructed machines, implements, vehicles incorporating weighing
Functionality such as Bluetooth, USB, RS232, RS485 and UART
Andriod app via bluetooth, windows app via USB
Save, view and export all weights recorded

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ISObus Weighing Systems

At the heart of the ISObus weighing systems are the digital Mass-Tel™ Load Cells that have their own CANbus ECU embedded inside each load cell.

This provides a simple system for installation, operation and service which is particularly useful for OEMs who wish to construct machines, implements or vehicles incorporating weighing.

Each load cell has its’ own internal calibration and diagnostics. Simply connect any load cells together onto the ISObus and they will provide their own individual load cell data and live weight along with the total scale weight to the rest of the ISObus or CANbus system.

Systems can be built quickly and easily with up to 16 load cells of any type and even with a mixture of load cell capacity or individual calibration factors.

Operation and Integration

The load cell and complete scale system can be integrated and operated in the following ways:


The Mass-Tel™ weighing system provides:

  • Total Scale Gross, Tare & Net weight
  • Weight records to be saved, viewed and exported containing Gross, Tare, Net & Unique Reference
  • Live Scale Weight and live individual load cell weights
  • Systems comprising up to 16 Digital ISObus load cells.

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