Platform Scales

The Griffith Elder Platform Scales are designed to be robust for continuous industrial use.

Platform Scales – Features

  • All welded steel construction, very durable under harsh conditions
  • Each platform is manufactured to suit the application with a choice of available sizes and capacities
  • Load cells are chosen according to the capacity required, ensuring the highest accuracy while maintaining suitable overload allowances
  • Factory calibrated so no special set-up is required on site. Digital calibration can be adjusted through the keypad on the indicator
  • Seals available so calibration cannot be tampered with

Easy to Use – Portable

All the platforms are capable of being mounted directly onto the factory floor either with or without plates to hold them in position. Ramps are available for tote bins or pallet trucks to be wheeled onto the platform, and frames for setting the platforms into the ground are also available. A range of indicators are available and computer control with our Ton-Tel™ software is also an option.

Typical platform sizes:

(Other sizes can be manufactured on request)

Size mmSurfaceCapacity kg
1000 x 1000Flat500100015003000
1200 x 1000Flat500100015003000
1200 x 1200Flat or Durbar100015003000
1500 x 1200Flat or Durbar100015003000
1500 x 1500Flat or Durbar1000150030006000
2000 x 1500Flat or Durbar15003000600012000
2000 x 2000Flat or Durbar15003000600012000
3000 x 2000Durbar6000120002000030000
3600 x 2750Durbar200003000040000

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