Looking for Distributors at Agritechnica 2019

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Come and visit us – Hall 15 Stand D48

We are welcoming new opportunities with distributors this year at Agritechnica 2019.

Weighing on the Farm – Take control of your profits

Weighing on the farm replaces guesswork with fact and provides the necessary tools to measure and understand performance to truly take control of your profits.

At Griffith Elder we have made weighing on the farm our focus for almost 40 years. We have been working closely with farmers, agricultural businesses and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This has given us the knowledge and understanding of real farm requirements and conditions. Additionally, this has enabled Griffith Elder to produce a wide range of robust, low maintenance and practical weighing products that are ideal for farm use.

Our weighing solutions provide farmers with methods of controlling, recording and reporting weight and associated data. This is across the whole farming cycle. The complete range of weighing and control applications cover commodities received onto the farm, farm inputs, precision agriculture, yield from the field, crop processing, deliveries in and out of store and crop storage management.

The Lightweight – Versatile – Portable Weighbridge Solution – looking for Distributors

Griffith Elder Portable Weigh Beams have proven to be a very successful and popular method for farmers to weigh crops or commodities at numerous locations.

The weigh beams provide a lightweight and versatile portable weighbridge as an alternative to a full size weighbridge. They are particularly well suited to weighing tractors and trailers. They are also designed for on or off-road weighing, making them perfect for use on the farm.

Prior to this product being available there was no cost effective method for quickly, easily and accurately weighing at any farm location. The Portable Weigh Beams remove the need for expensive site preparations. They also remove the time involved for relocation and assembly is also substantially reduced. Weigh beams have worked well for large scale farms, contractors and smaller farms alike. They ensure that wherever the crops are harvested or stored, the yield from the field and amount in store can always be known, regardless of crop type.

The operation utilises the Griffith Elder ‘Split Weigh’ system which is a completely automatic process. No user input is required. The driver need never get out of the tractor cab saving precious time and effort.

The Complete Package  – Perfect for Distributors

The kit comes with a combined large display and traffic light. These can be easily seen from the tractor cab and guides the driver through the simple weighing process. Remote FOB buttons are available to allow the driver to allocate the vehicle and its tare weight to the record. When the weighing is complete the large display shows the driver the amount carried (Net Weight).

The weights from multiple loads are added to an accumulation total. Often, this is used to review a field or store total. In many circumstances this is also used to calibrate and keep the combine weigher systems up to date and accurate.

All individual records and batch totals are saved to a USB memory stick as a CSV file. This means harvest information can be put straight into a spreadsheet and provide yield per field or store totals in the office.

The weight indicator that runs the weighbridge is housed in a high strength and waterproof carry case. The case includes an internal battery for operation in remote locations with no power supply. The system can be charged from an external 12V power source. We provide the kit as standard to either charge from mains or external 12V battery.

Griffith Elder Digital Load Cells are pre-calibrated in the factory and ready to work with no calibration needed. The weighbridge can be simply moved to site and placed down ready to ‘plug and weigh’.

Looking for Distributors at Agritechnia 2019 – Weighing on the Farm – Taking Control of your Profits

Come and visit us – Hall 15 Stand D48

You might also be interested in our Multi-Axle, an economic fixed weighbridge or our Full-Size weighbridge, ideal for those needing to buy and sell on weight.

If you had any questions about our products, or think our weigh-beams are the way to go for you, please contact our sales team at sales@griffith-elder.com or give us a call on +44 (0)1284 719619.

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