Portable Weigh Beams

Introducing The New 9 Metre Portable Weigh Beams

Posted on: February 2nd 2009   •   Posted in: Agricultural News, News, Transport and Logistics News

Longer Length Portable Weighbridge Allows Large Dump Trucks to be Weighed Accurately

In July 2009 Griffith Elder has introduced new 8 and 9 metre models to their range of Portable Weigh Beams. This new development is of particular importance to the mining industry, as it allows large off-road vehicles to be weighed in remote locations.

The current 2.5 metre beams and 5.8 metre beams have been proved very popular over a range of industries where portability is of key importance. “We are very pleased at how this range of weighbridges has taken off this year,” comments David Elder, managing director of Griffith Elder. The new lengths of 8 and 9 metres now also allow large dump trucks to be weighed, where the smaller models would not be appropriate.

As with the smaller models, the new lengths are very easy to install and operate. The load cells are calibrated in the factory so there is no complicated on-site calibration. The beams can be simply placed on the ground with a single ramp at one end. “Just plug them into the indicator and start using them,” instructs David.

The Portable Weigh Beams are suitable for weighing vehicles in one go, or for longer trucks using the Griffith Elder split-weigh system. Split-weighing is an automatic weighing system which allows the vehicle to be weighed in two parts without the driver getting out of the cab.

Compatible indicators allow the weights to be viewed easily by the operator. For split-weighing the two weights are automatically added together to show the whole weight of the vehicle. The Portable Weigh Beams are also compatible with Griffith Elder Ton-Tel™ computer programs for recording the weights. Used on a laptop computer, these beams are the ideal choice where the weighbridge needs to be regularly moved.

The Portable Weigh Beams use Griffith Elder’s own digital system ensuring that maximum accuracy is guaranteed at all times. Extensive tests with the longer length beams have shown the new models do not compromise any precision in weights. This makes the beams an easy-to-use option for accurate weighing to suit all types of off-road vehicles.

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