Griffith Elder Container Tilter

Maximising Payloads for Global Shipping

Posted on: May 21st 2009   •   Posted in: Case Studies, OEM, Transport and Logistics, Waste and Recycling

Griffith Elder have improved the “Container Tilter” by means of an innovative kit of weighing electronics for an application of great significance in the recycling business.

In recent years shipping costs have increased, heavily impacting scrap metal companies container loading to countries such as China and India. In order to maximise payloads, A-Ward, a New Zealand based company, have developed the “Container Tilter”: a machine designed to turn the container on its end so that it can be filled from the top. However, space in a metal recycling yard is often tight, and moving a container in and out of the Container Tilter to be weighed on a weighbridge is not always a feasible option.

Griffith Elder have provided the solution in order to minimise hassle and maximise efficiency, by installing load cells under the Container Tilter. The whole machine is then weighed without the use of an external weighbridge. A purpose designed weight indicator, operating from 12 volts, allows the weight of the empty container to be zeroed out so the indicator only shows the load weight inside the container. The indicator also has a radio link that communicates with a remote display in the cab of the loading grab, showing the operator exactly how much has been put into the container. A flashing light shows when the target weight has been achieved.

One of the great advantages of the Griffith Elder system is that it is calibrated in the factory before delivery, meaning there is no need to calibrate the system after installation. The digital output of the load cells ensures that they do not go out of calibration during use.

The new improved Container Tilter has become very popular with metal recycling businesses all over the world. By this means a sea going container can be filled to the maximum allowable weight.

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