Single Axle Installed

Enhancing Infrastructure Precision: Single Axle Weighbridge for Rango Construction

Posted on: May 28th 2024   •   Posted in: Case Studies, Construction & Manufacturing

Griffith Elder works with a diverse range of industries, including construction, to deliver a variety of infrastructure projects worldwide. One of our valued customers is Rango Construction, a leading Ghanaian civil engineering construction company, established in 1997.

Rango Construction

Rango Construction has a distinguished track record in the construction industry, specialising in the management and execution of road, bridge and pavement construction contracts throughout Ghana.

Over the past two decades, Rango Construction has successfully completed over 20 major projects in partnership with international construction companies. Their expertise spans multiple sectors, including roads, highways, buildings and construction, energy and utilities, and water and sanitation. Consequently, this has provided them with a unique skill set for handling large-scale design and infrastructure projects.

Rango recently sought to enhance its operational efficiency with a second Single-Axle Weighbridge from Griffith Elder. This would allow them to monitor all deliveries and quantities received and dispatched from each depot. The advanced Weigh-In-Motion scale allows for rapid, efficient and accurate weighing with full traceability.

Equipped with our Weighbus Industrial Software, they can have comprehensive control of the weighing process. It records gross and axle vehicle weights and generates flexible and detailed data reports.

Single Axle Weighbridges

All of our Single Axles are designed to weigh individual axles of any size vehicle, with Dynamic (In-Motion) Weighing. This is easy to use and accurate within +/- 0.5%. This is integrated seamlessly with our Weighbus Software, suitable for Industrial, Overload, and Law Enforcement applications. It therefore serves as the ideal vehicle and stock management tool.

Single Axle Installation in Process
Single Axle Installation in Process at Rango Construction
Single Axle Installed
Single Axle Installed


Office with Traffic Light
Office with Traffic Light

It is our pleasure to provide our clients with repeat business, fostering long-term relationships. They value our dedicated support. As designers and manufacturers of our products in the UK, we ensure dependable service throughout the lifespan of our goods.

With decades of experience, you can be sure that we have the right solution for your needs. From weighbridges to bespoke software, and beyond. Contact us today to explore the range of weighing solutions we offer, and discover how we can support you with precision and reliability.

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