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Portability at it’s Finest!

Posted on: May 16th 2013   •   Posted in: Agriculture News, News

New in 2013, Griffith Elder has taken weighbridge portability to the next level. A new design of weighbridge can be installed directly onto the ground with ramps fixed at each end. The weighbridge is not fixed to the ground, but is held in position by the ramps. This new design makes moving the weighbridge a quick and easy task; with each section weighing only 2.2 tonnes, they can be lifted and moved easily using a standard forklift truck. One such weighbridge was installed this year on an airfield near Cambridge, England. In addition, this particular weighbridge included specialist, custom-designed software to weigh bales of straw. The owner gets a report every evening detailing how much straw has come in each day, the average weight of each bale on each load, and the dry matter content of the load. A tally of the total amount of straw stored at the site is available at the click of a button. The whole weighbridge, including the laptop computer and printer, runs from a 600 watt solar panel, as there is no electricity on site. A small port-a-cabin houses the computer and weighbridge indicator, which can all be lifted directly onto a truck for removal to a different site. This compact solution makes the whole system fully portable and it can be dismantled and re-instated in a matter of a few hours.

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