Stabilising Maize Prices in Tanzania

Posted on: January 14th 2014   •   Posted in: Agriculture, Case Studies, Public Sector

The National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) of Tanzania installed another full size weighbridge, in order to stabilise the price and availability of maize throughout the year. The government agency buys maize at harvest from farmers and stores it. They then dispense it, to keep the maize price stable throughout the year and provide relief for famine areas in neighbouring countries. They already have three Griffith-Elder full size weighbridges, and have now expanded to cover another three sites in Tanzania. Owing to being in a remote area, it was a must for the equipment to be rugged and reliable. S-type load cells were fitted meeting both the need for accuracy and reliability. The weighbridge itself, was shipped out in parts, having been designed to make for an easy installation.

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