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Griffith Elder Backs Agriculture in Nigeria

Posted on: January 5th 2015   •   Posted in: Agriculture News, News

Griffith Elder have been exporting products to Africa for over two decades and to Nigeria for 15 years. Nigeria is a country that has huge agricultural potential. This is despite being in what was a largely forgotten sector of the economy during the oil boom of the 80s and 90s. However, with the drop in the price of oil and strong government backing, now the Agricultural sector is set to boom!

Large areas of arable ready land are available in the north of the country. Meanwhile, yams, cassava and palm oil grows throughout the country. Large homegrown companies such as Dangote are building up the local production of goods that are already processed here or imported such as sugar and flour. With the Nigerian government putting pressure on the private sector to source products domestically.

The Agra Innovate Show

The Agra Innovate show laid a testament to the expanding market and huge interest in building this sector into a strong powerhouse. The foundations and focus are there. So now it is the time for it to happen.

As a cash rich country there are plenty of private investors looking for the right opportunities. They are interested in the agricultural sector. What this needs to be paired with is the right experts and equipment. For Nigeria to flourish it first needs to build up its farms. Only after that can it build up its farm machinery production when the demand is already present.

The Agra Innovate show was able to showcase the best companies who know that their products are of export quality and are focused on Nigeria. As Nigeria starts to rebuild the nation’s farming prowess, these companies know where the potential is and understand business and the environment. Companies such as Alvan Blanch’s food processing systems, WM Group’s pivot farming equipment and Griffith Elder’s weighing equipment.

These companies all have long histories of working with the Nigerian climate and people. They are also key experts in the agricultural sector. Their combined know how, expertise and equipment are ready for use in Nigeria. If the right investors and suppliers meet there can only be progress.

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