Mobile Grain Cleaner

Mobile Grain Cleaner with On Board Weigher

Posted on: May 25th 2015   •   Posted in: Agricultural, Scales

A Canadian grain cleaning equipment manufacturer is now able to provide their customers with the ability of weighing the amount of grain processed through their portable cleaning line.

Mobile grain cleaners provide farmers greater freedom, however, this often means that in many locations it is not possible to know how much grain has passed through the machine.

The Grain Brain is the solution. A fully automatic weighing system, purpose designed for continuous flow auger weighing, automatically providing a record for every batch processed along with the accumulative total. The operator knows at a glance the precise amount of cleaned grain.

Griffith Elder provides the technical knowledge and design assistance to OEMs so it is fully incorporated into their build, making it a simple to use and cost effective option for the end user.

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