Revolutionary Bin Weigher Development

Revolutionary Bin Weigher Development

Posted on: August 6th 2015   •   Posted in: Case Studies, OEM, Waste and Recycling

Griffith Elder has advanced their waste monitoring system specifically designed for the waste industry, with revolutionary new bin weigher development.

Monitor Bins & Skips Accurately

Are you tired of wasting time and money visiting customers only to empty half-full skips?

Griffith Elder’s bin weigher provides a live record of all weights within any bin or skip. This record can be accessed from a private server account at any time. This allows you to efficiently pick up waste, only when necessary.

The report output by our hardware also provides alerts when the bin is filled to a certain percentage (e.g. 75%), allowing you to know when to empty each bin.

Weigh Wherever & Whenever

Wireless 3G connection means that your data can be sent from almost any location, allowing for remote monitoring & reporting at all times.

Invoice Directly based on Customer Usage

Know exactly how much to charge and who to invoice with our automated report output. Users are also identified by the use of an RFID tag. This instantly identifies a user and associates the relevant weight data with them.

These additions to our already comprehensive Bin Weighing & Waste Monitoring Solution are helping to define us as a market leader in Waste Monitoring. For further details on our weighing solutions, contact us via Email or telephone.

Griffith Elder are experts in designing and produce customised, long-lasting, low maintenance weighing machines and software. Explore our range of Industrial Scales, including shipping containers to livestock. We can design accurate industrial weighing scales for most uses.

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