On-Board Agricultural Trailer Weighing

Our new on-Board agricultural trailer weighing solution

Posted on: September 7th 2018   •   Posted in: Agricultural, Weighbridges

Griffith Elder has been working in partnership with AW Trailers in order to create the ideal on-board weighing system for agricultural trailers. This system has become a favourable option with agricultural contractors as it is fitted to the trailer; therefore it eliminates the need to stop at a public weighbridge. This can be time consuming and a logistical nightmare.

Thomas Robinson of Robinson Agricultural Services in Devon has had an on-board weighing system fitted to his AW trailer for over a year, utilising it throughout the agricultural calendar; transporting grain, grass silage and chicken manure. They operate from Devon right up through to Salisbury plain in Wiltshire; therefore they required a weighing system that was portable, time efficient and as practical as possible.

Mr Robinsons’ favourable features of the system are that it is robust and withstands the day to day of farm life. The diversity of each farm task requires a system that is user-friendly and easy to transfer between differing tractor-trailer combinations. The in-cab indicator is a compact electronic device which continually displays the true-live weight, meaning that there are no errors in weight changes of the trailer loads due to moisture loss and gain throughout the day.

The on-board weighing system has the optional extra of a totalising indicator which allows the operator to save individual weights for a batch total. This will display the number of loads a driver has completed and the weight of each load, it will also enable the driver to see the total weight transported at the end of the day. A printer can also be added to the system which allows for ticket records to be printed off.

The Griffith Elder kits are highly versatile and can be fitted with other trailer manufacturers as well, just request Griffith Elder when you discuss your options with your trailer manufacturer.

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