Weighbridge in Zanzibar

Weighbridge Update on Zanzibar

Posted on: February 28th 2014   •   Posted in: Agriculture, Case Studies, Food & Beverage

The Zanzibar Milling Corporation, based in the heartland of Zanzibar, is part of the Bakhresa Group. They provide wheat, flour and food stuffs, of a global quality at an affordable price. The company strives to exceed expectations through innovation and the harnessing of technology, for which they need the right sophisticated and reliable equipment.

The Zanzibar Milling Corporation use a 15m weighbridge with analogue load cells. They were running the system with a Ton-Tel 95 indicator. During 2013, the Zanzibar Milling Corporation received an update to their equipment, equipment that Griffith Elder had supplied them with over twenty years ago. The system that they had in place was still doing the job it was designed to do, and doing it well. It was designed to be rugged and made to last, which is something we pride ourselves on with all of our products. The decision to retire the equipment was made due to the companies drive for efficient and modern business. The indicator was then upgraded to a WB1, which is designed specifically for ease of use with a full size weighbridge. The WB1 works with a traffic light system, to give clear indication to the driver that the weight has been captured, it also has a PC output to allow for advance reporting with software. The new system that we put in place, runs with Windows and allows for advanced reporting, backup and remote database functionalities. The system provides solutions to modern industries who need to track complex and large operations, as well as optimise performance.

The Griffith Elder Ton-Tel Agricultural Storage Software is designed for ease of use, and has versatile functionality.

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