Weighbridge installation at Raynham Estate in progress.

Weighbridge Installation at the Raynham Estate

Posted on: April 26th 2023   •   Posted in: Agricultural, Case Studies

Griffith Elder work with a number of businesses across a wide variety of sectors, including the agricultural industry, requiring highly accurate scales to quantify inputs, Yields per Field & crops in store. This allows farmers to make calculated decisions for selling crops.

The Raynham estate has been home to the Townshend family for nearly 500 years, farming on approximately 3,700 acres of land. This includes a variety of cereal, root and break crops, on a seven-year rotation. Keeping track of materials is of vital importance to continued improvements year on year.

Raynham also holds one of the largest solar farms in UK, and a 3.5mw anaerobic digestor converting crops grown on the farm and rented ground into energy.

The farming enterprise, under the general managership of Tom Pearson, required a full-size weighbridge to accurately weigh and record their crops into and out of store who comments:

“Having hired a set of portable weigh beams for the last 3 seasons and in so doing built a trusted relationship with the Griffith Elder staff and Sales Manager Richard Newman”

Weighbridge installation with folding ramps at Raynham Estate in progress.

“I have been impressed by the product and their after sales service so it seemed only natural to continue our relationship and place our business with them. They were very accommodating to our requirements even down to the point of supplying the platform in our own house colour instead of their own orange livery”

said Mr Pearson, who went on to say,

“Griffith Elder have an excellent reputation. Their weighbridges are designed and built in Bury St Edmunds so we get the added bonus of working with a British manufacturer”

The surface mounted weighbridge measures 15.3m x 3.0m and has metal ramps which allows it to be moved to another position without too much drama at a later date if required. The weighbridge is equipped with a traffic light and large display.

Additional features can also be supplied with our weighbridges including our RFID fob readers meaning the driver can complete the weighing process without needing to leave the vehicle.

Raynham have also been supplied with our Weighbus software, offering flexible data reports; these generate reports based on vehicle, store, date and other information found on the ticket. Reports can be run manually or automated to run on a schedule and auto saved. These are easily imported into other business management software packages, or opened in a spreadsheet.

Griffith Elder's Weighbus Software Example

With decades of experience, you can be sure that we have the right solution for you. For more information on our full selection of weighbridges, visit our product page here.

For more information on our Weighbus software, visit the contact us page and get in touch!

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